Ashley & Matthew: The Riverview

Ashley contacted me approximately one month before her wedding. She explained that her fiancee, Matthew, was coming home from the military over the Christmas holiday and they were trying to put together a wedding, quickly.

Now, you mention the word: Military…. and I’m.on.Board.

I’m so extremely proud of our men and women who are fighting for our rights. Our freedom. I’ve always said that they are the reason why I’m able to put my boys safely to sleep each.and.every.night.

Thank you to everyone who has ever served to fight. To protect. My heart goes out to all that you’ve sacrificed.























The Riverview: 12.30.12

Tania Sones Photography: Family

It’s been a few years since I saw Stefanie and Dennis (3 years exactly), and I still distinctly remember their wedding, including their gorgeous property that was just so serene.
In fact, I found out that they added a deck to further enjoy that gorgeous view. Ahhh…

So when I found out Dennis wanted a gift certificate for Stefanie’s birthday to use towards a family session, I beamed. Literally.

It truly amazes me just how much time really does fly by… to see that the two have become three… and to see how they have a gorgeous daughter together.
Sometimes I have to catch my breath to realize time passes through our fingers so quickly.

In truth, I am overdue for a photo with my boys. I usually get them every 6 months, and I am officially one year overdue. But this month I am all over it. Sometimes we think , “Oh, I really SHOULD … ” and then time passes and we don’t.

I’m just so glad that Dennis, Stefanie and Rachel did.


Kat & Marty: Engagement

Things happen for a reason. For those of you who know me, I truly believe in kismet.

So when my plan for Kat & Marty’s location literally changed the day before, I wasn’t worried. We took it minute by minute at Harkness Park, and it surely didn’t disappoint.
Then again, with these two- I could have taken them ANYWHERE for an amazing session!



So this past May, my cousin Johnny and his beautiful fiance, Vika, tied the knot.

And the crazy world of families begin.

Yes, I come from one of “those” families. My family is LOUD. My family expects a good party. And this wedding surely didn’t disappoint.

I had to bring my camera. I only brought one lens (the 16-35) and no flash. This would prevent me from taking photos during the reception when I should be having a good time. I did think for one mino-second that I shouldn’t bring my camera… but my son was the ring bearer and I would shot myself if I didn’t get a few good shots of him for myself. I found myself from time to time picking up my camera, but I was very cautious about where THEIR photographer was. At the beginning I admit I stumbled a couple of times because I saw “a shot”, lifted up my camera, and then found their photographer right there. So I put the camera down. It was hard. Real hard.

But I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed just being a guest. OK- who am I kidding– I LOVED IT! But I wanted to give them a little perspective on what I saw, so I’m sharing a few parts of their day.

And I cannot wait to see their photos.. because I bet their photographer got some pretty awesome shots too!

Love you Johnny and Vika.. I hope you enjoy the images below!


So for this photo on the left (holy cow I’m in a photo!), my cousin Peter’s girlfriend took this awesome shot. Thanks Larissa!

Ahh.. Yes. There is a story behind this one. I took the first shot on the left.. my mom took the second shot, and my dad took the last.
All you can hear is, “Is this in focus? How come it’s not focusing? I don’t know if I got it.” Well, they did!

My mom wanted to use my camera to get a few shots. This is my fav. Thanks Mom!

Another one from my mom. Not too shabby, right?

The really cool thing about this wedding was that Johnny and Vika decided to get ready at my aunt’s house and then walk a few blocks to the church. Beautiful day + the city= Yummy shots!

I love this shot. Many guests don’t realize all of the hustle and bustle that happens in the back of the church right before the ceremony.

So my son- the amazing ring bearer, was such a big help at church. And well, he thought the same thing we thought during the ceremony (but only a little kid can get away with!)

So from time to time, I gave Aiden the “thumbs up” on what a great job he was doing. And… he gave the thumbs up right back.

They released doves after the ceremony…. one of the higlights for the ring bearer and flower girl.

This was an amazing first dance…

A New Found Love…

In looking back at 2011, I’ve gained a new perspective coming into 2012. I have many people to thank:
1. My friends and family who have been so supportive of me.
2. My clients who let me “do my thing” and trusted me with my vision.

I’ve gained a new found love of who I am and what I do that makes me the person that I am.

Thank you.

In celebration, I am sharing with you the 2011 journey I took last year with my wonderful second shooters.

Lynn & Henry
Reception: The Candlewood Inn